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a Bloomington Eastside Neighborhood

The Covenanter Neighborhood is characterized by walkable sidewalks, tree lined streets and a varying array of living arrangements, including individual residences, condominums and rental properties.  The homes in Covenanter are architecturally varied incorporating contemporary and traditional design. The earliest house was built in 1833 with several new builds since. The neighborhood is in close proximity to shopping, restaurants and services. Covenanter is a welcoming neighborhood to young and old, to singles, families and retirees.




SOLAR PANEL INFORMATION SESSION will be rescheduled in the fall.

Community Kitchen

Food and monetary contributions are a continuing need at the Community Kitchen. Non-perishable food items may be dropped off at the Community Kitchen, located on South Rogers Street.  Monetary donations are accepted by check mailed to: Community Kitchen/PO Box 3286/Bloomington, IN  47403-3286 or donate on-line: www.monroecommunitykitchen.com

Neighborhood Association Logo Contest

The office of Housing & Neighborhood Development is challenging each neighborhood in Bloomington to create a logo that represents their unique corner of the city.  What is special about Covenanter?  What distinguishes Covenanter from others?  What do we want others to know about Covenanter? Let your creative juices flow. Submit a logo design to: angela.vanrooy@bloomington.in.gov by Sept. 1, 2020. For more details, check out: https://bloomington.in.gov/neighborhoods/associations.  Send your entry to: covenanterneighborhood@gmail.  Need assistance with your design?  Let us know.  Email: covenanterneighborhood@gmail.com

Rainbow in Your Window: 

Put a rainbow in your window for a cheerful way to scavenger hunt while walking the neighborhood.


In coordination with Bloomington Restoration, Inc. CNA was planning a tour of neighborhood homes in the fall of 2020,  Plans for a home tour have been canceled for the immediate future.  If, however,  you are interested in serving on the organizing committee for a future home tour event, contact Don Granbois at: granbois@indiana.edu

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During times of widespread disaster community resources are often stretched beyond their capacity to respond.  CNA is eager to form a group of 10-12 neighbors who are willing to be trained and certified to serve on an emergency response team.  Contact Beth Hollingsworth at: hollingsworthbeth5@gmail.com

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CNA encourages neighbors to educate themselves about removing invasive plants from their landscaping and replacing invasives with native plants. Materials and information are available at the Monroe County Identify and Reduce Invasive Species.   Appointments can be scheduled for a knowledgeable person to come to your home, evaluate current plants and recommend changes.  Email: http://www.mc-iris.org

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The history of the Covenanter Neighborhood is intricately connected to the Covenanters, a group of Presbyterians who left Scotland, Ireland, and England in the late 1700's because of religious persecution and economic reasons. Many settled in South Carolina. Some were influenced to leave South Carolina and move to Bloomington largely because of the slavery question.  Among the families moving to Bloomington was that of Thomas Smith who build a house in 1833 from bricks created on-site from the heavy clay that underlies southern Indiana topsoil.  Historians have determined that the house, which remains today, contained facilities that allowed hiding escaped slaves moving north on the Underground Railway.

The history of Covenanter is rich and largely untold.  If you are interested in working with a small group of researchers and history buffs to compile a history of the neighborhood, email your interest to: covenanterneighborhood@gmail.com

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The Covenanter Neighborhood encompasses residences within the boundaries of Second Street to College Mall Road to Moores Pike and High Street, including Boston Road, Brooks Lane, College Mall Road, Collingwood Dr., Covenanter Dr., Fairoaks Lane, High Street, Maxwell Lane, Moores Pike, Nota Dr., Pickwick Place and Point, Rechter Court, Place and Road, Revere Run, Sare Road, Second Street, Valley Forge, Winfield Road, Woodbine Avenue and Court, Woodscrest and Woodstock Place.

If you are currently not on the CNA email list and would like to receive regular updates on neighborhood activities, events and information, email your contact information to: covenanterneighborhood@gmail.com



Covenanter Neighborhood Association is here to make your community living experience a lot more enjoyable. Swing by for a visit, or give us a call.

Executive Committee:  Elaine Emmi, Don Granbois, Beth Hollingsworth, Mary (Molly) Morgan (President), Rob Todd (Vice President & Secretary), Ellee Spier




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The Covenanter Neighbors Association was formed in October 15, 2018 and was designated an official neighborhood by the City of Bloomington Housing and Neighborhood Department.

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